Author: Credit Education

An Overview of Credit Counseling

A sad truth is that credit, budgeting and money in general is considered a topic better left discussed in private among family, or is never discussed at all. For some reason it seems like a dirty subject. Many, many people are woefully unprepared to use credit when it is presented to them, and lots of […]


Owing money and being in debt is an intensely stressful situation. Most people in debt never imagined it would happen to them. Many people are just a few paychecks away from debt. Hospitalization, repairs and sudden unemployment can happen to anyone, and devastate savings. Others may just have poor money management skills that need addressing. […]

As Prices Soar, Wages Plummet

Despite what the media would have you believe, the majority of Americans are facing a losing battle against steadily increasing prices. Not only are their wages stagnant—and essentially falling due to inflation—their 401(k)s are shrinking and an economy in the doldrums has all but made economic opportunity a seeming fantasy. Unsurprisingly, many American consumers have […]

Debt Management Plans

Whether it’s because you had an unexpected medical expense, an expensive emergency home or car repair, or the result of poor money management, there are many reasons that you may find yourself over your head and in debt. The key to being on a firm financial foundation is to first fix the immediate problem by […]