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A team made up of committed experienced individuals who know the ins and outs of debt relief and loan modification, our combined 50 years of experience will ensure you are guided to the right solution that fits your specific needs.

What We Do

At Credit Education, our aim is to help you Analyse your Debt and educate you on ways to improve your situation and help you consolidate your debt. There is not one person in the world who owes the same amount to the exact same creditors and makes the exact same pay with the same credit score. Everyone is different, which is why it is important to tailor a plan to each client’s specific needs. The only way to do so is to tailor a specific plan for each individual client. To achieve this, we assign a dedicated debt analyst and education tool provider whose responsibility is; to work diligently to fully understand your credit issues and tailor a plan specific to those issues, to your satisfaction.


Your CREDIT EXPERT will go over a 3 STEP Education course with you.


We’ll review all of your accounts with you and create a personalized debt profile that will clearly illustrate your current situation.  Once we have your personalized debt profile complete we will begin to develop a personalized approach to help educate you on all the tools and resources at your disposal.

One-time fee $990.00


Once all the research and analysis is done we can begin to determine the strategic plan and tools most suited to achieve the best and quickest path to a debt relief solution.  The only way to do so is to tailor a specific plan which focuses on your personal and specific financial circumstances.  To achieve this, we assign a dedicated Debt Analyst and Education Provider whose responsibility is; to work diligently to fully understand your credit issues and tailor a plan specific to those issues, to your satisfaction.

One-time fee $500.00


The final step will entail us (Credit Education) helping you to implement and execute the plan to its fullest, to achieve the optimal benefits.  We are extremely confident that by successfully fulfilling our role in steps 1 and 2 your results will be tangible and you will be on your way to substantially reducing your credit card debt and/or debt servicing costs.

One-time fee $500
Credit Expert

Even after we successfully help complete the steps to get your debt under control and you are on your way to achieving your financial goals, we are always available for a follow up, as needed; by phone, email and you can keep up with our news and developments by reading our blog and periodic newsletters.

Total $1990.00

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